Styles of Acupuncture

TCM Acupuncture

(Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TCM is the main style of Acupuncture practiced throughout the world. It can treat a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions but is especially used for musculo-skeletal injuries and treatment of pain.

Five Element Acupuncture

This style of acupuncture is an ancient method originating from the Han Dynasty in China 2000 years ago. Its philosophy views the person a whole and treats the root cause of the illness and not just the symptoms.

Five Element Acupuncture uses various methods of diagnosis to form a very detailed diagnosis that is specific to that person as an individual.

It addresses the imbalances that caused the symptoms to arise in the first place.

It is used to treat physical and psychological conditions but is especially effective in treating chronic illnesses, emotional problems and can be used as a preventative medicine.